Glory Stories


God gets all the glory for these beautiful stories!



54 pounds lost – “I have had to slowly replace my entire wardrobe!”

Light Weigh helped me lose 54 pounds by deepening my spiritual life with God and allowing me to eat regular food with my family. I am a homeschooling mom and never felt discouraged or like I was on a diet on Light Weigh. Jesus and His Mother really helped my heart in this program. Light Weigh really helped me because it took the focus off me! My group was great. Everyone who was successful in my group came to the meetings, used their journals and followed what Suzanne advised on the DVD’s and audios. The journal really helped me stay focused, even though I do not like to write mud I learned so much about our Catholic Faith and the Saints from the Light Weigh DVD’s! I now love to read about the Saints. My favorite devotion is the First Fridays for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I think I am a happier person for doing Light Weigh because I have peace. I have had to slowly replace my entire wardrobe! Suzanne, I know wear size 4 jeans and I eat my favorite Fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli! If I could tell people one thing, I would echo what Suzanne says in the Light Weigh, that God loves you now and forever just the way you are. He desires you to love Him in return and He wants to help you the way He helped me. Jesus is walking right beside you.





Mother of 4 children lost 22 pounds

I am the mother of 4 children and I have lost 22 pounds on Light Weigh One King.  For me it was great, because I do not have time to go away on a weekend retreat, but One King is like a retreat that fits perfectly into my busy life.

I started during Lent and thoroughly enjoyed the program.  The spiritual aspect of the program kept me going even after I had lost the weight.  There are many different tools in this program, and I was able to incorporate more and more tools as time went on.  I was initially irritated at the cost of the program, but when I saw the materials and DVDs, I realized how much you get.  I cannot believe the amount of work that went into creating this – and it works!  It has been worth every penny!

I love the Bible Study and the One King journal and try to use it morning and night.  I especially love the weekly “Take it to the King” pages and the daily “Dearest Jesus, I am asking for your help with:….” cue where I can give over to God anything causing me fear, anger or anxiety.  The results have been amazing!  One King brings the Faith into my life.  One King taught me how to include Jesus in daily life and how to give everything to Him, even the little and big struggles with raising my children, and let Him take care of it.  My husband told me he doesn’t want me to lose any more weight, so I am happy and feeling great where One King has taken me.  When I was struggling with a plateau for a while, I just started using more of the techniques, like putting my fork down between bites during my meals, and it worked!  I am on my third journal and loving it!

Thank you again for all the work and time you put into Light Weigh.


P.S. I ordered the cookbook and I’ve only made two things so far as I want to keep it as a Christmas gift.  Nevertheless, when I peeked through it a bit, I was so happy to see that you included recipes from scratch for mayo and cream of mushroom soup.  I can’t wait to try them.  I have made the pumpkin loaf, which everyone enjoyed as well as the French Bread Pudding.  Our girls thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story of St. Martin of Tours.



“I have deepened my relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, made several new friends and oh, yes, lost 50 pounds!”

Dear Suzanne,

I have overcome a 25 year binge eating disorder though doing both Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King. The key for me – more than anything, was staying with the programs without having breaks between sessions. I can’t tell you what this means to me, to no longer be held captive to binge eating. I now am dealing with food allergies that I think are the result of my binge eating all those years, but the Light Weigh approach is helping me with that too.

When I watched the Orientation DVD, and heard Suzanne talk about building detachment from food and filling your heart whole with Jesus, I knew immediately that my prayers about my struggle with food has been answered. Through doing Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King, I found peace with food that I never imagined possible!

I was able to allow Jesus to take control of my weight. I was reminded thought the programs, that although Jesus is always near, I needed to continually do my part to ‘open the door’ and invite Him into my life.

Through Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King, I have depended my knowledge and understanding of the Catholic religion and have come to appreciate and use many of the things God has created to help us. I have deepened my relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, made several new friends and oh, yes, lost 50 pounds!

Thanks you so much for developing and sharing Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King! It has been a blessing to myself and many others in our parish!

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you and God bless,




Registered Nurse who found detachment from food

I am a Registered Nurse and a health nut, but food controlled me! I was so tired of overeating and under eating! I had been praying for God to help me when I saw the One King announcement in my parish bulletin. I knew it was an answer to my prayers and that I had to join. Prior to One King I was always sabotaging myself. I would wait too long to eat, then eat too much and too fast, never feeling satisfied and I was obsessed with sweets.

What Suzanne teaches in One King, definitely works! I loved the videos, the stories about all the Saints and learning about portion sizes. One King was such an amazing spiritual class! One King allowed me to focus on Jesus the Living Water and stop over eating before dinner. The tools in the program really helped me and I found the journal and videos were the most help. The days when I journaled were always better. Initially when I started doing One King I was over tempted and afraid to trust. I realized I was eating when I was bored and as Suzanne says – when you are bored, you are bored for God. I grabbed God and not food, and found that if I could even do it for a minute, then the temptation would be gone! Before One King I was overly attached to sweets, but now knowing that I can have sweets I have detachment from them. I find since One King I enjoy real food more and no longer automatically go to sugary snacks.

One King really opened my eyes spiritually and also opened my eyes to how I was eating. Besides journaling, I always tried to leave the area and do something else when I was tempted as Suzanne suggests. I would just distract myself with a task or the Rosary or my journal and it really worked. I have found peace with food and I am so thankful for Light Weigh One King!




35 pounds lost – “Thank you for this program – it changed my life.”

Dear Suzanne,

Light Weigh taught me so much and I already thought I knew a lot about food being a Foods I & Foods II teacher! Suzanne had so many sayings that she shared in the DVD’s and CD’s that helped me focus on the peace and not on the control. I felt like she was talking to me directly. The first session CD from Suzanne was Holy Spirit inspired and really spoke to my heart.

One of the things I loved was I never felt hopeless, like in the past. I also loved the fact that when I lost weight I didn’t have to go out and celebrate with a big dessert because I never felt deprived.

According to my doctor, my health has improved, as I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I think I may have had more health problems if I had not started down the road of Light Weigh.

Suzanne’s and her sincere love for God and the Church kept me going. She showed me the connection between overeating and our hunger for God. I lost 4 pounds over Thanksgiving week. I was not surprised or deprived of anything. I remember enjoying my Light Weigh portion with all the fixin’s while the rest of my family was groaning about how full they still were. It was such a freeing feeling. I remember saying to myself, ‘I can’t believe I am so satisfied. This is amazing!

I have tried to explain it to people who ask how I lost my weight – but they just don’t get it. Suzanne says, ‘It is a call to the heart.’ I think that is true, because you have to be ready to listen to God and what you learn in the program. As a Culinary Arts Instructor, I am around food all day long! I was amazed how I could keep my love for food and be at total peace with it.

 Thank you for this program – it changed my life.




Lost weight before her daughter’s wedding and felt comfortable in photos


Here are my before and after photos. The photos I submit here show my two very different attitudes, one before Light Weigh One King, and one after. In the jeans photo (I had to give that outfit away about half way through session two) I was reluctant to be photographed. I remember being so touched that day at the Special Olympics my son competed in (about 2 years ago), but I was miserable about my weight. At my daughter’s wedding this past June when the photo with my husband was taken, I felt so much peace and happiness. It was a blessed day, and I felt free to participate in coordinating, socializing and yes, being photographed. It was the first time in a very long time I was able to relax in front of the camera.

When these photos came back the other day, I was amazed at how God helped me through all the trials of planning the wedding. What a gift! I was also amazed at how happy I look! Praise God for LWOK!!! My journals leading up to the wedding are filled with pleadings to God to help with all kinds of big and little things. There were even unexpected stresses the day of the wedding that before LWOK would have caused me to lose my peace! Without the daily journals, I wouldn’t have been able to put everything in perspective during such a busy time in our lives.

I still have more to learn and more weight to lose, so our little group will start our 4th session soon! I am praying fervently for the grace to let go of the rest of my spiritual and physical weight. I ask for your prayers for our group. Thanks again, Suzanne, and God bless!

In Christ’s love,




“We found the spirituality component to be life changing!”

Hi Suzanne, and Light Weigh Staff,

We have a weight loss story to share with you. My husband, Normand and I each lost 45 pounds on the Light Weigh One King program. Currently, we are on our second 12 week program of LWOK. Although Normand has reached his weight goal, I have yet to lose a few more before I reach my goal.

We found the spiritual aspect of the program and its simplicity to be the biggest help for us and the fact that we did it as a couple, most of the time, helped us stay on track. We found the spirituality component to be life changing! Praise God for such a wonderful faith filled program, it really has changed our lives completely!

When we plateaued, we just kept following LWOK and eventually the weight would start to decrease again. Normand has found that when he got closer to his goal, the weight was slower to go. He is in a size 32 pant from a 38 and looks 10 years younger and feels so much better and more energetic. His last visit to the doctor was the best checkup he has had in a long time, with a clean bill of health, and no more high cholesterol. I am now wearing size 8 and I used to wear size 18. People say to us all the time, that they almost didn’t recognize us and wonder what we did to lose the weight.

I have been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for years, and overweight most of the time that I belonged to WW! The freedom that Light Weigh One King has given us is amazing! I don’t count calories, or points and I have whatever I want to eat, whether it’s a hamburger for breakfast or eggs for supper! No more silly old food rules for me! I really have what I want and although I am not completely free from emotional eating, I am on my way to true freedom, and I am so happy, because LWOK has given me more than any other program could have given me, and that’s a closer relationship with Jesus and so much healing and freedom!   We found the group meetings to be very helpful and the journal was the key for me, it really broke the chains that had imprisoned me for the last 27 years.  Our advice to others who are on the program – Journal and use all the spiritual techniques Suzanne recommends and count your blessings! God wants us to be free and he is showing us the way though LWOK.

Thank you Suzanne for writing the program ~ it’s been a Godsend for us.

UPDATE ~ I lost more weight since, and when I first joined I wanted to weigh 145, and now I weigh 150, but at my wedding I weighed 125, so I will wait and see where I end up. I weighed 215 when I started Light Weigh One King. (Well, I weighed 220, but I lost 5lbs testing out LWOK to see if it worked before we met as a group, so I don’t think I should count the first 5 lbs) Normand is still maintaining his weight, with only a few pounds up or down, but he is staying pretty much the same and that’s amazing.



139 pounds lost – and overcame binge eating and avoided gastric bypass surgery.

Thanks to the Light Weigh One King program, I am at my goal weight! After over three years, I have lost 139 pounds and now weigh exactly one-half of my beginning weight of 278 pounds. The journey to get to my goal weight has been like traveling down a long and winding road, but in retrospect, I believe it was Spirit led.

I am 68 years old, and have spent most of my life in a love-hate relationship with food, either loving it so very much that I could not get enough of it – or fearing and hating it so much that I would use near-starvation diets to avoid it. I clearly remember binge eating as early as the third grade. Severe dieting programs started in the seventh grade. At least three times in my life I have lost over 100 pounds (in addition to numerous times of losing 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds), only to regain the weight plus more. A yo-yo pattern of being on whatever the newest fad diet was or bingeing so much that I would actually pass out from the massive food intake. Even through all of this abuse to my body, I had always been able to maintain a normal blood pressure and reasonably good health. . . . until I turned 65. Then, my blood pressure skyrocketed, and I ended up in the hospital diagnosed with having suffered a light stroke.

 Obviously, with the scare of another more severe stroke and weighing 278 pounds, that should make anybody come to their senses and lose weight. But, for me, food is a powerful tempter – and “reason” doesn’t enter into the matter. I am not even sure what I did that first year after the stroke, but apparently I managed to lose 13 pounds, and weighed 265 pounds when my blood pressure started spiking again in the late summer of 2012. I was fearful of having another stroke and was so desperate about losing weight that I was convinced the only way I could do it was to undergo gastric bypass surgery. I attended a four-hour orientation class at a local bariatric surgeon’s clinic and would have signed up that day, but discovered that they did not accept Medicare insurance. I went home, contemplating taking out a loan to pay for the expensive procedure. I then decided to talk with my sister, who also needed to lose weight. I thought she would encourage me to have the surgery, but she instead, convinced me that surgery was not the answer and that many people gain back their weight even after the surgery.

Together my sister and I decided we would start going to Overeaters Anonymous again. We had both attended OA about 30 years ago, and drifted away after having successfully lost weight with OA – both of us regained it all back, of course. Attending OA meetings we realized we both thirsted for something more. It seemed to us that OA had changed from what we had experienced 30 years ago, in that we did not feel as comfortable speaking freely of Christ and of His role in our lives, so we kept searching.   We wanted something more – a place where we felt comfortable talking of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the intercessory powers of the Saints. Then we ran into a woman after Mass who asked us if we had ever heard about Suzanne Fowler’s Light Weigh program. After class, I went home and visited the Light Weigh website and immediately felt it was something we should investigate and ordered the Orientation DVD.

After viewing the Orientation DVD, I was very fearful and suspicious of the claims Suzanne made that I could eat any kind of food – like desserts, pizza, hamburgers, French fries, etc. After all, these were among my favorite binge foods. And, to me, eating these foods equated to eating out of control and gaining 100 pounds. But, something inside me, told me to not be afraid, but to give it a try.

 We could not readily find a church in which to have our meetings, so we began our first Light Weigh One King group in our home with seven members. I lost about 23 pounds during the first 12 week program.

Light Weigh One King program has given me a new freedom – and my fear of food has been greatly reduced. I truly believe I will be able to fully achieve true peace with food through Suzanne Fowler’s Light Weigh One King program.

May God bless you all,




24 pounds lost – and reached wedding day weight of 52 years ago!

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for giving of yourself, and with the power of God, writing this wonderful Light Weigh/ One King program.  It has been a blessing to me.

I have been on your program for seven months. I enjoy all your program tips, the daily journal, bible study and our weekly sharing group.

It took me a while to put out of my mind all the other diet plan rules, but now I don’t have to count calories, points, and fats. One word expresses my feelings – Freedom! That is what I feel now when I eat my meals. I can eat anything I want, just so it is portion controlled.  I listen to my body when I am hungry.  I begin each day praying to the Lord for strength to avoid temptations and the sacrificial focus gives me a reason to back off when I shouldn’t eat, and besides, I am helping those that also needs God’s strength. I have gone through almost every diet program that is out there, and this program works, and with the Lord’s constant help and strength, it has given me the commitment, joy, and peace I have been looking for in food and to help me resist temptations.  The plate & cup makes it so easy to stay on track..  I enjoy the emails that you send out with your special messages.

I have believed in the Lord all my life and you reminded me that I am God’s precious one.

Since I have been on your program, my blood work has been the best ever. The last few years my cholesterol has been rising.  My doctor put me on statins, but with my bad eating habits my cholesterol still was going up. Since I have been on the Light Weigh/One King program my total cholesterol went down over 60 points. YEA!  I have lost 24 pounds and I am down to the weight I was when I got married 52 years ago. Thank you, Lord!

The Bible Study is so beneficial every week. One of my favorite scripture verses that helps me get through the day is, Phil. 4:13 says – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I also have a plaque on my wall that I read often, it says – “Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can’t handle.”  I do thank the Lord every day for giving me the strength and commitment to follow through on this Light Weigh/One King program.  Thank you again Suzanne for saying “Yes” to the Lord.





70 pounds lost – “Once I started One King my IBS improved so much!”

Dear Suzanne,

When I saw you speak at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference I knew I had to do something. I was 230 lbs. and wearing size 18 clothes. I wanted to start and I knew I needed a group. My sister-inlaw started her own One King group, I joined – and I am so glad I did!!! I found what I was missing, the LORD.

I would never have believed it if anyone told me this would happen because I have lost 70 pounds and am down to a size 10! I am only in my second twelve week session. I have not been at this new weight ever that I can remember. This program works! Suzanne your program is a gift from God!

I feel so much better, physically and mentally. I have struggled with weight for so long and now I look in the mirror and do not recognize my reflection. That is an awesome feeling! I have irritable bowel syndrome and the way I would eat before irritated this. Once I started One King my IBS improved so much!

Going to my group meeting was always helpful and encouraging. We would pray before we started our meeting and we added new members. I use and love the tools we receive in One King. If I forget to use them, I struggle more throughout the day. They make a big difference for me.

I love sweets and baked goods. One King has been a process that taught me how to handle foods I enjoy.

Thank you for creating Light Weigh One King!




Found freedom after lifelong addiction to food, and 12 years of binging and purging

“You eat to live, not live to eat.”  While most people live by that philosophy, I fell into the opposite category! From such a young age, my entire life revolved around food. From the moment I woke up until the time I went to bed, food was always at the forefront of my mind. I “lived” for that next meal, the next taste of food that would make my palate dance with joy!

Food, in essence, became my “drug.” Whether I was celebrating something joyous or sulking in my misery, I would reward and/or console myself with food. As the years went by, my weight began to creep higher and higher. Many nights I would go to bed feeling so utterly stuffed and disgusted with myself that I would wake up the next morning with my face swollen from all the salt retention. I knew that this had to end somehow.

I was addicted to food and my physical appearance manifested that fact. I gained over 40 pounds from freshman year of high school till freshman year of college.  At the beginning of my second year in college, my unhealthy obsession with food took a turn for the worst. Not only was I binging on food to numb my pain and stuff down my emotions, but I began to vomit after each meal! Thus my insidious battle with Bulimia ensued. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. I was so heavy and filled with hatred for myself. In order to lose my excess weight quickly, but continue to eat as much as I wanted, I continued this lifestyle of binging and purging for over 12 years!

This secret life I was leading caused me so much pain and shame; I didn’t trust that anyone would understand or compassionate me so I isolated myself from others.   However, I never gave up praying and pleading with God and Our Blessed Mother for help day after day! I had no hope left! I knew that I would end up dead one day from all the damage I was causing my body!

I decided to consecrate myself to Jesus through Mary using the St. Louis DeMontfort format. My consecration day was on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 2015. I begged Our Lady to please help me and guide me because I was so desperate and alone in my secret battle. A month and a half later, on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, May 13, 2015, I was visiting my dad in the hospital when all of a sudden my entire body started convulsing and my jaw froze along with fingers and toes. I felt paralyzed and couldn’t move or even talk. My heart felt as if it was going to explode out of my chest. The Rapid Response medical team was called over the intercom to come to my aide. I was rushed to the Emergency Department on the lower level and was admitted right away. They found that the levels of my potassium were so critically low that it almost made my heart completely stop. Because of my frequent vomiting on a daily basis, I was losing so many vital nutrients and minerals in my body.    After i was stabilized with the necessary treatments and testing, I was discharged 24 hours later.   That was a blaring wake up call for me to stop living this way! My cry for help reached the throne of God through The Most Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession.

My prayers were answered less than 3 months later! I attended Mass at St. John Vianney Catholic Church one Sunday morning, and on my way out, I came across a flyer in the vestibule left by a Light Weigh coordinator named Janet that was titled “LIGHT WEIGH.” I picked up the flyer and read through it and instantly felt the Holy Spirit telling me…”THIS IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS!”

LIGHT WEIGH indeed has been the answer to my prayers! This program has truly been a life saver for me! Suzanne’s words of wisdom, understanding, and her techniques for approaching eating in a healthier, more “Christ-like” manner has shed a profound light in my life! The prayers, sacrifices, Scripture reading, little way beads, and many other components have helped me plant my feet more firmly on the ground with relationship to food.   I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is working through this program. Through the grace and power of God, He is helping me detach from food and attach more closely to His Most Pure and Sacred Heart! Instead of running towards food as my consoler, Suzanne has taught me to run to the One and Only One who will ever be able to fill my “heart hole” which is Jesus Christ!

There are no words that can truly express how grateful and humbled I am to have been led by God to this anointed Catholic Spiritual weight loss program. The weight loss is a bonus because the biggest blessing of this program is the joy and freedom it has brought to my life!!! My soul sings the praises of my Lord for having freed me of my bondage to food using Suzanne’s LIGHT WEIGH program!

May all the glory and honor and praise be to Our God who always answers our prayers according to His Will and on His timing!

In Christ,




“I have conquered all my old food issues.”

Dear Suzanne,

My health is excellent. I just went through the whole 50 year old physical/colonoscopy/blood work/EKG/cholesterol/blood pressure etc. and everything is wonderful. My blood sugar is fine, I don’t have any symptoms. I’m not sure if I told you but my original weight goal was to be 135 lbs (I’m 5’3 1/2″) and that is where I was in the “after” photo but in learning to maintain, I dropped another 10 lbs and am easily and comfortable maintaining at 125 lbs. In addition, I feel like I have conquered all my old food issues…(bad vs. good food, overeating during stressful times, gaining weight over the holidays, being angry and feeling guilty for being “bad,” etc)  and have developed a healthy normal relationship with food for the first time since I was in my early teens. For years, I have prayed and prayed to either lose weight to feel comfortable with myself where I was….but never, never did I dream I could be healed of food issues. I have had them so long I no longer even recognized them as being issues.

So thank you Light Weigh and Suzanne, but especially thank you Jesus for leading me to you. He knows our needs even when we don;t recognize them ourselves.





“After 8 months on the program I have lost 26 pounds. My teenage daughter can actually borrow my shorts and jeans! My confidence has soared.”


I want to thank you and our good Lord and the blessings of our beautiful Catholic faith for the Light Weigh program. It has changed my life in such a positive way.

I joined last September at the invitation of a good friend who was starting a group. I attended the orientation session and knew that this was the right program at the right time. I had been aware for years that food had the wrong priority in my life, that I was attached to it in an unhealthy way, turning to food for comfort, joy, rest, etc. I was a size 12, occasionally a 14, not really happy with the way I looked and somewhat concerned that I would slowly keep gaining weight if I didn’t make a change. I didn’t even go to the pool last summer, so self-conscious was I in a swimsuit – and I love to swim! I was getting tired of the discomfort of control-top pantyhose but wouldn’t think to go without them.

I was having difficulty making time to exercise yet I was also reluctant to diet, as diets in the past had produced immediate success but an inevitable return to the previous weight – and along the way I was constantly hungry and thinking about food! I could tell your program was different, was easy, and was natural (being aware of hunger, eating to fullness and not beyond, etc.). I loved that we could eat what we want and I wouldn’t have to manage menus and count calories. I just knew interiorly, the first day, that I would lose weight the Light Weigh.

I have succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. After 8 months on the program I have lost 26 pounds. My teenage daughter can actually borrow my shorts and jeans! My confidence has soared. I enjoy shopping. I take my little girl to the pool and don’t feel embarrassed! All my life I wondered how it would be to actually be thin. And now I know it’s not so much about thinness, but about looking the way I am supposed to, the way God designed me, without extra padding. Best of all, I have peace with food! Food is no longer the treat I look forward to each day – God is. Food is not the joy of my heart – God is. And food is not the reason I go to parties and picnics and potlucks – people are!

This is a new way of life, and I am so very, very grateful.