Get Started

Starting a Group

Light Weigh is designed to be easy for the coordinator and participants! The program runs itself and requires no preparation.

Light Weigh Coordinators receive the Light Weigh Bible Study completely printed out, and all the instructions for running the Light Weigh meetings.

Light Weigh is designed to be done in a group setting. You need a minimum of three people to start a group. The more members you have, the more momentum your group has and keeps!

The group meets once a week for 12 weeks. Meetings are 90 minutes. There are no weigh-ins at Light Weigh meetings. The Bible Study is discussed for 15-20 minutes, and the remaining time is for the Light Weigh DVD.

Most people have Light Weigh meetings in their church or home.  If possible schedule your Light Weigh Orientation for the day and time you plan to have the meetings so that there are limited scheduling conflicts for potential members.

To Begin

Run a bulletin announcement in your church bulletin (and surrounding church bulletins if you like) for at least two weeks prior to your Light Weigh Orientation.  If you are meeting in your church you do not have to put your name or phone number in the announcement, as people only need the Orientation time and place.

Here is a bulletin board flyer to further spread the word!

Call your church to reserve a room with a TV and DVD player for the time of your Light Weigh Orientation (and the following 12 weeks from the time your meetings begin).


At your Light Weigh Orientation meeting, everyone knows why they are there.  Simply pray an Our Father or a Hail Mary, and play the Orientation.

After watching the Light Weigh Orientation, people usually know whether they are ready for Light Weigh. We prefer the Light Weigh Coordinator place the first group order. Members joining late can order separately, but will pay an extra shipping charge. Please allow two weeks from the day you place your order until your first meeting.

What Members Receive

Each Light Weigh member receives a Light Weigh Workbook, a Light Weigh Audio Series, a Light Weigh Spiritual Growth Kit and permission to attend the Light Weigh DVD series for $141.00 per person plus $7.00 S&H* per set if ordered with the Orientation order.  If you are the Coordinator and get five people in your group not including yourself, you receive your set of Light Weigh materials at no charge (this is a one time gift).

Those ordering after the initial group order ships will pay $14.00 S&H* per set.

To Place a Light Weigh Order

  • CALL 877-589-3444 with a credit card, and email us your member list
  • FAX a credit card order and member list:  (913) 402-4408
  • EMAIL a credit card order and member list to
  • SNAIL MAIL credit card orders/checks and member list to Light Weigh, 4630 W. 137th St. Suite 106, Leawood, Kansas 66224

Spread the Light!

Light Weigh has helped so many members to lose weight and grow closer to God!  Our faith is a gift and a treasure, filled with so much to help free us.  There is no better time than now to “get up and walk” (John 5:8) and bring the light of Christ into your life and the lives of others!

*NOTE: Shipping and handling costs quoted above are subject to change.  Prices quoted above are for orders shipped within the Continental U.S.  International shipments require an additional charge.  Please call.  Duty and taxes required by Canada and other countries are the responsibility of the recipient.  For Kansas orders, please add sales tax of 8.65%.